• I NEVER thought I would enter a testimonial about CAT litter!!!! I have looked everywhere. Petsmart used to carry just a couple bags and I decided to try it. They never had more than a bag at a time… I had tried nearly every other product out there.

    I usually settle on the Clay litters but even though they say 99% dust free… there is NO comparison. I assume they mean 99% free by weight… which means considerable. You should say (using that logic) 100% dust free because I have NEVER seen anything like it. Other paper based litters are pelleted and are nearly worthless.

    This acts exactly like clay but has NO… YES NO! DUST. The house is almost free of dust when i use it and the cats no longer cough. I can’t imagine what the clay dust does to their respiratory tracts over time. They probably die and it’s chalked up to some feline disease.

    Clearly people just don’t know about this litter or they would drop every other product immediately. This is the best product hands down.
    I finally decided to look online and was so glad to find you still had this litter available.

Granulated cat litter made from 100% recycled paper!

(pronounced PAPER) is made from 100% recycled paper and contains no additives. Unlike competing paper based litters that are in pellet form, PaPurr is granulated so it feels and works like traditional clay litter. A great litter alternative for the eco-conscious and health-conscious consumer.

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More Rave Reviews from our Loyal Customers

"PaPurr is the best cat litter I have ever used. I am so glad to know the product is still available. My cat and I are thankful for the dust free aspect of PaPurr being that we both have allergies. Thanks again PaPurr!!"

- kittycacti

"This is the best litter! I have a cat with health probs, and he needs a natural non-clumping litter. This litter is similar in texture to clay litter but so much better! Please bring it back to the Chicago area! I drove hundreds of miles buying up all the last bags in Chicagoland when I found out the major pet store chain was discontinuing it! Had a stockpile in the garage, but now I’m down to two bags!! Aaaargh!"
- L. Crites

"I am sooooo glad to have found PaPurr!!! It has been incredibly difficult to find a natural, flushable, earth-friendly kitty litter. Even more so, it's been nearly impossible to find one that actually works in the litter box and is odor-free, even after a week of use. With PaPurr, I've got the best of all worlds :-) Thanks for creating a product that actually does what it promises!"

- 'Socks's Mom'

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